About Us

Hi, we are Tom and Sandra!

Our Story:

We met back in the summer of 2007, which feels like another lifetime ago! Since then we both graduated with bachelors degrees in finance, purchased our first home together, got married, traveled to some amazing places, and had our beautiful baby girl!

Although we have many successful years of accounting experience, that is not where we started.  We both worked in the hospitality industry while working towards our degrees.  Tom has always had a love for pies - but he started with pizza pies! He was a line cook for many years at a local pizza company.  Sandra also has several years of restaurant experience - from hostess, to waitress, to bartender. Together, we are a pretty dynamic duo! Now, we are merging our two passions together; not everyone gets this excited to crunch the numbers for baking delicious pies.  We are so excited to make Providence Pie Company our next success story.  We cannot thank all of you enough for your love and support.

Our Approach:

We specialize in mini hand crafted pies made from scratch with the freshest, local ingredients. But where did our mini pie vision come from? Well, we have always had a bit of a sweet tooth and when Sandra was pregnant with our daughter, that did not change - actually, it may have gotten stronger! But in our ongoing efforts to not overindulge, I would bake smaller portions of her favorite goodies. It probably didn't help that I baked 12 mini pies instead of one 9 inch pie, but I digress.  In any event, it worked out for the best because our mini pie passion began!